June 2, 2016

Table of Contents

Early Byzantine Copper Coins (EBCC): The Online Catalogues

Two different online versions of the collection catalogue are now available. What follows below is an updated 2019 edition (chapters 1 through 35) incorporating some 400-500 additional coins not included in the 2016 published/online version.

The Foreword (2019) explains in more detail the differences between the two online catalogues.

Selection of the “2016” button provides the digital version of the 2016 publication – identical except for the correction of errors.

The publication in book form of an updated, simplified, catalogue is under consideration.

Select Edition:

2019 Edition
1 Anastasius I
2 Justin I
3 Justin I and Justinian I
4 Justinian I: Eastern mints
5a Justinian I: Western mints
5b Justinian I: Carthage and Constantina
6 Emergency coinage in Antioch
7 Coin groups
8 Justin II
9 Justin II – Anomalous Coinage
10 Tiberius II
11 Maurice: Constantinople
12 Maurice: Nicomedia and Cyzicus
13 Maurice: Antioch, Alexandria and Cherson
14 Maurice: Imperial mints in the West
14a Military issues: circa 580-600
15 Phocas
16 Revolt of Heraclius
17 Heraclius: Constantinople
18 Heraclius: Propontine & minor Eastern mints
19 Heraclius: Thessalonica & Western mints
20a Syrian mint: Classes I-IV
20b Syrian mint: Classes V-VI & related issues
21 Constans II
22 The Year 20 mint
23 The Pseudo-Byzantine Coinage
24 The Umayyad Imperial Image coinage
25 The Early Islamic coinage
26 Constantine IV
27 Justinian II (1st reign)
28 Leontius – Theodosius III
29 Leo III, Artavasdus and Constantine V
30 Leo IV – Irene
31 Nicephorus I – Michael III
32 Basil I – Constantine VII & Anonymous coins
33 The Comneni and Angeli and the rulers of Cyprus & Trebizond
34 Historical counterfeits
35 The coinage of the Germanic Kingdoms